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Technological Understanding
Publisher advertising technology has become increasingly complex. Hashtag Labs offers the web engineering skills and deep technical understanding necessary to be successful in the space.
Hashtag Labs is built from the perspective of a publisher and offers the configurability ad businesses need. Our tech stack operates independently of account ownership.
World-Class Customer Service
Email with people, not automated queues. Hashtag Labs' clients enjoy industry-leading response times and a commitment to never leave an open item burning.


Hashtag Labs offers a suite of publisher-focused products to simplify ad operations. Our software is informed by a tremendous amount of real-world experience. We know what matters (and what doesn't).


Flexible, modern ad loading system that alleviates the burden of managing ad technology from the publisher's engineering team and offers many advanced capabilities out-of-the-box.
  • Turnkey header bidding management for Prebid.js and Amazon products
  • Video ad management
  • Ad slot level controls in order to optimize for metrics like viewability
  • GDPR and third-party system integrations
  • Managed service or self-service UI
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HTL BID Flexible Ad Loading System

HTL Exec

Automated, accurate and flexible revenue reporting system for publishers who run programmatic advertising.
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Flexible data structure that creates easy-to-read reports
  • Full data portability (Slack integrations and API available)
  • Connects with 80+ programmatic platforms, SSP's and ad networks
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HTL Exec Automated Revenue Reporting Software


Hashtag Labs has been built on providing the world's best independent publishers with comprehensive, 360-degree digital ad ops services.



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HTL brings industry-leading customer service and engineering capabilities to ad ops and ad tech for publishers.

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Want to learn more? Want to shoot the breeze about the state of ad tech? HTL is dedicated to working with the hungriest minds and companies in our field. If you're involved with digital publishing or advertising, we'd love to hear from you. Big, small, experienced or beginner, please feel free to get in contact with us if you think we can be of service or if you're interested in learning more. In order to reach us, please use the form on the Contact Us page or write to and we'll get back to you asap! Thank you for visiting our site!!
Hashtag Labs is a collection of curious, hard-working people who love the Internet and are committed to honest and capable work in the content monetization and digital advertising disciplines.
Founded in 2014, our journey to the center of ad tech has allowed us to embrace our role as technical and business development experts within digital publishing.