Hashtag Labs is always ready to be of service in the ad ops department when a need arises for us. We have been able to depend on them and their work on two separate occasions over the last year. They very quickly had a holistic and complete understanding of how to work within our systems and workflows and provided the level of client service needed to be successful when working with the world’s largest and greatest advertising. All in all, they are a great ad operations partner!

— Greg Cochara, Vice President of Sales Operations, Fusion Media Group, A Division of Univision Communications

We’ve loved working with Hashtag Labs — John and his team are consistently a pleasure to work with, and they’ve been quick to respond whenever we’ve had questions. Flexibility has been a priority for us, and they’ve been very fast and accommodating to meet our needs. I can’t recommend them highly enough as an ad operations partner.

— Sarah Adler, Co-Founder and CTO, Spoon University




In over 15 years of being a digital publisher, we’ve never had a partner who provided better customer service and technical capabilities than Hashtag Labs. HTL was completely aligned with our goals and objectives and incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and experienced.

— Jason Weisberger, Publisher, Boing Boing

I managed programmatic ads by myself for a number of years, and during that time I worked with countless networks and a number of so-called “yield optimizers”. They were more or less all a waste of money. Hashtag Labs, meanwhile, is the truth. Bringing on HTL was like hiring an entire ad ops team, who knew a ton more than I did, for the cost of a single employee. I no longer have to worry about managing floors, recording all of the CPM and revenue data, hunting down bad or invasive ads, etc – HTL does all of that for us. I admit I was quite skeptical that letting an outside company manage our inventory would actually be a net positive for us, but it has. John and the team do a great job.

— Joe Ragazzo, Executive Publisher, Talking Points Memo

From the start, our work with Hashtag Labs has been seamless, profitable and unwaveringly supportive. It’s rare to find a company  that is so genuinely dedicated to serving its clients—especially in today’s fickle media and advertising industry. But John and his team take the time to make everything simple and easy to understand, handling the details while being transparent and trustworthy. As independent publishers, we’ve worked with networks that left us to fend for ourselves. Hashtag’s personal touch has exceeded our expectations. Our advertising revenues have multiplied and continue to move upward. As our company grows, Hashtag is ready with all the most up-to-date tools and technology. Working with Hashtag Labs was one of the best business decisions we made this year.
— Ophira & Tali Edut, Publishers, Astrostyle

HTL is truly a force of good when it comes to navigating the post apocalyptic world of digital operations and monetization.

— Andy Santamaria, Director of Brand Partnerships and Operations, MindBodyGreen

Finding ourselves between publishers (any indie site can tell you that finding the right publisher is not a process to rush), Hashtag Labs stepped in and ran our publishing seamlessly, giving me the time and space to focus on site administration and my search.

— Nicole Cliffe, Owner and Editor, The Toast

HTL is premium publisher rocket fuel. Put simply: They rock. They’ve generated more quality revenue than we could have expected. They’ve helped us navigate ad ops with an incredibly experienced perspective. And they’ve been trustworthy, true partners in every sense of the world at every stage of our growth. They’re the ultimate no-brainer partner – start working with them as of yesterday.

— Derek Flanzraich, Founder and CEO, Greatist

Hashtag Labs has been an invaluable resource for our ad operations and development teams when implementing and planning for direct and programmatic campaigns. They consistently demonstrate exceptional custom service, response time and technical understanding of a constantly evolving space.

— Yrma Arias, Ad Operations Manager, Abrams Media

Hashtag Labs offered incredible customer service and ad ops know how. We quickly saw we could trust John and his team to navigate a complex space for us, maximizing our revenue and helping us serve high quality ads that added value for our readers. They changed our business for the better, allowing us to focus on our strengths and acting as a top notch partner to support our growth.

— C. Max Magee, Creator and Publisher, The Millions

We work with the best publishers in the world.

Hashtag Labs services and capabilities are born from real world experience. The Internet promised a new era in media: The digital age democratized distribution. Publishing (reaching the public) was no longer only reserved for big entities who had the ability to coordinate large capital investments (printing presses, trucks for distributions, etc). Writers and creators could get their works out there and perhaps even turn a profit. Tools and companies to this end were born: Ad servers, data management platforms, content management platforms, ad networks, advertising rep firms, platforms that enable micro-payments, the “Lumascape” and a countless number of acronyms. It became confusing fast. It also fast became a disappointment for publishers. The expectations were through the roof and what was provided by “publishing services” vendors almost always under-delivered.

The team at Hashtag Labs has lived through this and understands that building a website and publishing brand and company is much more than setting up WordPress. We slog through the acronyms, business development phone calls and ad server minutiae so you can focus on the parts of your business that you need to. We support high-quality, editorial driven digital publishers through technology and business development services and capabilities. HTL doesn’t promise to be a silver-bullet making a website an over night money-printing machine, but it does promise to get in the passenger seat with its publishers and do the best work it can. And that work is most often more capable and less expensive than the other alternatives.

Partnership Features

Hashtag Labs fits into your organization and objectives, not the other way around.

Programmatic Ad Stack Management

Unlock revenue from the major ad platforms and third party ecosystem.

Traditional Ad Operations

Cost-efficient, best-in-class ad trafficking capabilities for your direct deals.

Innovative Solutions

HTL designs unique solutions to traditional problems like the “passback daisychain” or “waterfall”.

Product Development

When creating the blueprint for your advertising infrastructure and marketing partnerships, HTL has the experience to help.

Revenue-Generating Business Development

Connections to the best third-party partners and revenue sources that help increase monthly revenue.

Direct Sales Expertise

HTL’s experience with direct deals is extensive. We can help with things like media plans, forecasts and, of course, insertion orders.

24/7 Customer Service

We don’t disappear after a certain amount of hours per month. We’re dedicated to your success and are available when you need us.

Stay On Top of the Latest Trends and Technologies

Header bidding? Ad blocking? HTL stays on top of the latest industry developments and helps you execute on them.


We love this industry and we’re committed to trying to make it the best it can be. And we know that starts with being accountable to our clients and partners.