Congratulations! You’ve booked a direct campaign for your website. You need to deliver 1,000,000 impressions between June 1st and June 30th. How many impressions should you setup in DFP?

We would suggest over-delivering by setting up the campaign for 1,050,000 impressions, an extra 5% buffer.

Why? Well, for several reasons..

First, you make sure you hit the target on time (assuming you have enough traffic in the first place). DFP pacing is good! But it’s still good to play it safe if you can afford to.

Second, as always, there will be discrepancies between your ad server and the advertisers’s ad server. Building in a small buffer helps ensure that you won’t need to scramble at the last minute. Be sure to check-in with the advertiser from time to time to avoid any surprises.

Third, it just makes you look good. You hit the target on time and then some. Everybody is happy. The advertiser will be eager to work with you again.

What’s the downside?

The main downside is that you could have monetized those impressions elsewhere. If your average CPM is $1.00 and you used a 50,000 impression buffer, you just lost $50. However, if the campaign is worth $1,000, it was probably worth it to maintain customer satisfaction!

Second, if you are already over-booked, you may not have impressions to spare. If your website is sold-out with direct sales, that’s great! Just take a breath and make sure you’re delivering on your promises.



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