As a publisher, it’s a great idea to pursue orthogonal partnerships. What does that mean? Each of your advertisers should be serving a different purpose. Or more colloquially: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Why does it matter?

A lot of things can go wrong with an advertiser. They can have a bad quarter and experience lower sales, resulting in lower fill rates and CPMs for you, the publisher. In the worst case, they can even go bankrupt and default on their payments.

By using several advertisers, instead of just one, you run a lower risk. By choosing advertisers operating in different parts of the market (ex. display vs video), you’re lowering the risk even further.

What’s the downside?

First, it’s more to manage. More people, more relationships, more invoices to process.

It’s also more tags on the page and in your ad server. It’s harder to notice when something goes wrong and harder to isolate problems.

What to do?

We recommend a robust ad stack that samples from the entire advertising ecosystem. Much like a stock market index fund, this strategy protects you from the failure of a single company. Of course, user experience is vitally important and not all of these are appropriate for every site:

Display (banners)
Video (in-feed or banner)
Widget (content recommendation)

Check back soon for a much more in-depth look at these different types of ads.

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