What are you optimizing for? More money! The answer seems simple, but the reality is more complicated. There is a trade-off between time, money and user experience. With limited resources, you can’t have all three.


If you want to maximize revenue and have a great user experience, it’s going to take lots of time including writing, web development and dealing with advertisers.


If you want to save time and have a great user experience, you’re going to end up making less money. You’ll choose a simple, low maintenance strategy with acceptable performance.

User Experience

If you want the best user experience, you’ll be forced to skip certain types of premium deals, such as interstitials. You’ll need to work with partners that offer block lists and have responsive support teams. You’ll spend significant amounts of time chasing down autoplays and inappropriate ads.

What to do?

As a publisher with limited resources, it’s best to take an 80-20 approach. Get good results! But don’t kill yourself chasing pennies or bugs that occur less than 0.1% of the time. Think of it this way: is it better to spend a week squeezing another 10% from your ad operations, or to spend that time making other site improvements to build your audience? Either could be the right move, depending on your situation and priorities.


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