Getting Started

  1. Do You Need Ad Ops?
  2. What Is Ad Ops?
  3. Do You Need An Ad Server?
  4. What are the Types of Ads?
  5. How Should You Partner With?
  6. What is the Perfect Stack?
  7. How to Evaluate an Advertiser
  8. Understanding the Key Metrics of Ad Optimization
  9. RPM: The Only Metric That Matters
  10. Why Doesn’t Good Analytics Match with Doubleclick
  11. How to Know If You Have AdExchange Enabled
  12. Everything You Need to Be a Web Advertising Expert

Ad Blocking

  1. How to Detect an Ad Blocker
  2. How to Detect an Ad Blocker (2)


  1. Create an @adops Email Address
  2. Create an @adops Email Address(2)
  3. How to Force a Blank Ad
  4. Why You Need an Ad Server
  5. Site Tagging Strategies with DFP
  6. What is a Make Good Campaign

Cranking Cash and Economic Games

  1. Multiplexing on Time, A Sneaky Way to Crank Cash


  1. Eliminating Smart Quotes
  2. Debugging with Google Publisher Console Tool
  3. DFP Creative Preview
  4. Debugging with Charles Proxy
  5. Steps to Fix Misbehaving Ads
  6. Setting Ups a Dedicated Test Page
  7. How do Debug iPhone Ads Using Chrome
  8. Broken Ad Debugging Checklist

Bad Ads and Malware

  1. How To Hunt Ads: An Introduction
  2. How To Hunt Ads
  3. Hide and Seek

Common Problems

  1. Timezone Alignment
  2. Why You Can Never Truly Audit a Tag


  1. Create an Ad Unit Test Page
  2. Create an Ad Unit Test Page, Advanced
  3. Hard-code or Put it in the Ad Server?

Best Practices


Tools and Techniques

  1. How Do you Make Money on the Web?
  2. Over Deliver to Win
  3. Orthogonal Partnerships
  4. Using DFP CreateUsing DFP Creative to Verify Macro Insertion
  5. When Do You Need to Duplicate Creatives?
  6. You Need a Backfill Strategy
  7. Targeting Perfection with DFP Small Business
  8. Using the DFP Change History Tool
  9. Do You Even SEO?
  10. Using DFP Preview Creative to Create a Test Page
  11. Using Ghostery to See What’s Running on Your Site
  12. Roadblocking: Why You Need an Ad Server

Theory of Ad Ops (Deep Thoughts)

  1. How Much Optimization is Enough?
  2. The Optimization Balancing Act
  3. Is Geo-Segmenting Useful?
  4. The Economics of Buying Traffic and Webpage Arbitrage




  1. Hashtag Labs 2016 Goals, Strategy and Action Items