If you’re not using AdExchange with DFP, you don’t know what you’re missing. So how do you know if you have AdExchange in the first place?

Checkout the screenshot below. See how it says “AdExchange” on the dropdown of possible Line Item types? If you see this, it means that AdExchange is already setup and working for your account. You are good to go! Just add some line items using AdExchange creatives and you’re all set.


However, if you don’t see AdExchange listed, it may not be enabled for you account. Alternatively, it may be enabled, but not fully setup.

Navigate to the Admin tab and scroll down to the bottom. You may see a section labeled “3rd Party Services”. If you see the AdExchange logo listed here, it means that AdExchange is enabled for your DFP account. If you see a blank space and no “3rd Party Services”, that means you DFP account is not enabled for AdExchange. You will need to contact your Google account representative and ask them to enable dynamic allocation for you DFP account. It’s not a big deal, I’m pretty sure they just click a button.

What makes this a little confusing is that if AdExchange is not enabled, you will see nothing. There’s no button to enable it. It’s just a blank space.

Here is what it looks like if your account is already enabled for AdX. Notice there is a section called “3rd Party Services” and the AdX logo appears.


And here is what it looks if your account is not enabled yet. Notice that the “3rd Party Services” section has disappeared.


Once your account is enabled for AdExchange, will need to “connect” an AdExchange account before you will be able to create Line Items with type “AdExchange”. To connect your account, you will need the account ID (“pub-***”) and contact information for the AdExchange account you want to connect. The AdExchange account holder will also need to connect to your DFP inside of AdExchange. It’s just pushing a button. If you’re large, you may want your own AdExchange account. If you’re small, there are companies that will let you piggyback on their account, usually for a small cut of the revenue.

Here is the information you will need to collect so you can link an existing AdExchange account, once your DFP is enabled.


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