There’s No Such Thing As Information Overload, Only Filter Failure.

Clay Shirky, writer, consultant, and teacher on the effects of Internet technologies.

Meet Hashtag Executive Version 1.0

The miracle and the curse of the digital age is a plethora of data: Ad performance data, revenue data, expense data, editorial data, social engagement data and a whole host of other valuable information generated by publishing, advertising and business activity. The challenge becomes having the capabilities and resources necessary to parse this immense amount of information and turn it into meaningful and actionable insights for your growing business.

Enter: HTL Exec.

Hashtag Executive is original, proprietary software designed from the real world realization that collecting and analyzing data from online publishing business activity is not easy. Accurate numbers, especially for the accounting department, to put it lightly, are critical. Hashtag Labs has used its experience in accurately collecting and analyzing revenue and publishing data to produce Hashtag Executive. Our goal is to create the digital publisher’s best friend – a piece of software accessible from your phone that you can checkin on daily and get an easily-digestible, accurate and comprehensive snapshot of your business activity.

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