If you’re a single website owner, this doesn’t really matter. However, if you’re running a larger website, it’s a great idea of create one or two dedicated adops email addresses, such as adops@example.com.

This serves two main purposes.

First, most advertisers offer a web reporting interface and keep an email address on file for the account owner as a main point of contact. It’s a best practice to separate this email from the actual person doing ad ops. Why? Well, suppose you sign up with a company email address instead. What happens when that person leaves the company? You don’t want to have to go in an change every system. In fact, sometimes you can’t change the email address on file. Never, ever sign up with a personal email address unless you are the sole operator of your website.

Second, it’s great to keep all your ad operations information in one place. If a new person joins the company, they can get access to all the advertising information without needing to get into someone else’s personal account or having dozens of emails forwarded to them.

Finally, with a larger company there are often multiple people involved in ad operations, possibly including coordinators, traffickers, editors and others. Consider creating an ad operations mailing list. If you’re using Google Apps (aka, Google for Business, aka Google Work), you can accomplish this by creating a Group.



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