It seems like a hassle, so why bother?

Creating a separate email address to handle advertising is a best practice. If you’re using your personal email to manage advertising on your website, here are a few reasons you might want to reconsider.

Keep Everything in One Place

Over the course of a month or year, you’ll have dozens or hundreds of emails about ad ops. By having a dedicated email address, all this information will be in one place. It’s easier for you and it’s easier to anyone else who has to look at it in the future.

You’re Not Psychic (probably)

If you work in a large organization, you may be promoted, transferred or fired. The job you’re doing alone now might grow to require more people. If you work alone or in a small organization, you might decide to hire some help. Maybe you decide to bring in an ad ops consultant. Do you want to give that person access to your personal email? Or do you want to spend a day forwarding all your ad-related emails to the new person? Save yourself some pain and setup a separate, dedicated email address.

It’s easy for other people

Having a dedicated address makes it easy for other people in your organization too. Ad problems? Just send it to @adops. This is especially helpful for websites where the staff may be located all over the world and in organizations that are rapidly expanding.

Setup Forwarding

It doesn’t have to be painful! Gmail, and many other systems, will let you manage multiple inboxes. While it might be 2 email addresses behind the scenes, you can manage seamlessly it through a single interface. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup!

What address should you use?

It doesn’t really matter. Any dedicated email address is better than no address, but here are a few suggestions:


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